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We have removed 50% of tables and reduced the number of people inside to 50. 

First Level Of Protection: We have spaced out our tables to 6 feet apart from each other and added plexiglass between the booths.

Second Level of Protection: We have 2 plexiglass barriers between both tills and the customer. We also have mobile plexiglass barriers for added protection. 

Third Level of Protection:  We have posted occupancy limits, COVID-19 safety plans, alcohol sanitizer throughout the entire bar, we removed our water station and ask that customers request water from the servers, no more than 6 groups of people per table and we do not accept cash at this time. 

Fourth Level Of Protection:  Our staff wear masks to serve food or must be stationed behind plexiglass, tables are sanitized after guests leave and must report to management once tables are clean. Servers must wear gloves while cleaning and swap out for clean gloves once the table has been sanitized. 

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